NEW YORK, NY (June 19, 2019) Situs Group Holdings Corp. (Situs) and American Mortgage Consultants, Inc. (AMC) today announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement to merge the two firms. Situs and AMC are leading providers of consulting, outsourcing, talent, and technology solutions for lenders and investors in the real estate industry.

The merger underscores Situs and AMC’s shared commitment to helping clients realize opportunities in their real estate businesses, forming the industry’s most comprehensive offering in support of both the commercial (CRE) and residential (RRE) real estate debt and equity life cycles. Further, the merger will help expand the firms’ industry-leading service set and accelerate the development and deployment of innovative technologies.

Together, Situs and AMC will have over $175 billion of commercial assets under management and provide fair value assessment on more than $290 billion of commercial real estate assets quarterly. On the residential side the firm will cover approximately 60% of the secondary market private label securitization transactions. The combined firm will include over 3,300 professionals operating in 27 markets across the U.S., Europe and India.

“I am particularly happy to announce this next chapter in Situs’ evolution in the financial services industry,” stated Steve Powel, who will serve as the Executive Chairman of the combined firms. “Over our 30 plus year history, we have continually strived to innovate and lead the market in delivering strategic and mission critical support solutions to our clients and partners. The idea of matching two companies that can provide both residential and commercial debt life cycle support had not been done in any scale, and AMC was a unique compliment to Situs, which allowed this vision to come together.”

Post close of the merger, the combined business will re-brand as SitusAMC, operating as a unified services and technology provider to organizations across their CRE and RRE needs including domestic and international banks, private equity investors, pension funds, secondary market guarantors, non-bank mortgage originators and servicers, and numerous other participants in the real estate finance industry. SitusAMC’s expanded commercial and residential real estate offering will include:

• Strategy & Advisory Services
• Due Diligence & Underwriting
• Servicing & Asset Management
• Claims Management
• Valuations
• MSR & Whole Loan Brokerage
• Talent Solutions
• Technology Solutions – warehouse management, conduit management, collateral management, document management, OCR, indexing, data extraction, portfolio management, remittance reconciliation, work flow due diligence & underwriting support, among others.

SitusAMC will be co-lead by Nick Rudenstine, Co-CEO, SitusAMC (currently President of Situs) and Michael Franco, Co-CEO, SitusAMC (currently Chief Executive Officer of AMC). Steve Powel (currently Chief Executive Officer of Situs) will serve as SitusAMC’s Executive Chairman.

“This transaction is the culmination of mutual interest and admiration between our two entities dating back to the fall of 2017,” stated Franco. “We believe that the SitusAMC entity will deliver unique and non-replicable solution sets to our clients and we are eager to start creating value for stakeholders in commercial and residential real estate markets.”

Rudenstine noted, “The scope and scale of SitusAMC services and technology offerings, combined with our unique vantage point on real estate markets, should put our firm in the best possible position to support the diverse and evolving needs of our clients.”

For more information, please contact Andy Garrett (Managing Director, Global Head of Marketing) at

About Situs, Inc.
Situs (, founded in 1985, is a leading global provider of consulting, outsourcing and talent solutions across the full life cycle of real estate debt & equity. Situs’s offers institution investors and lenders a fully integrated suite of professional services including, consulting and advisory services; underwriting & due diligence; servicing & asset management; valuation services; MSR, whole loan and debt & structured finance brokerage services; and talent solutions.

About American Mortgage Consultants, Inc.
AMC (, founded in 1996, is a leading nationwide residential and consumer loan due diligence, quality control, securitization review, MSR review, advance assessment, servicing oversight, consulting, and technology provider. AMC’s market-leading team of mortgage professionals provide customizable solutions to financial institutions nationwide.