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Technology has evolved from supporting business to driving success.

Situs leverages cutting-edge technology to keep clients ahead of market conditions. Web-based, scalable, and supported in real time, Closer®, Insight, and Valuation Management System offer comprehensive, life-of-loan, and valuation solutions. Situs is also able to develop technology internally for custom solutions, such as Midas and Enterprise.


Loan Lifecycle

CLOSER™ is a proprietary software program created to manage a loan from origination through close. From pre-application to underwriting, data management, asset monitoring, reporting, and more, Closer® seamlessly manages the entire process. Intuitive, proven and extensible, clients prefer Closer for its high-level security, user-friendly interface, customization and more.

Market Intelligence

Insight is a unique, customizable search engine featuring 24/7 real estate sourcing and cataloguing. The portal provides direct access to market information on a geographic, mapping-centric basis with flexible aggregation and search-specific capabilities.

Valuation Management

The Valuation Management System incorporates regulatory requirements, process and document management, financial analysis, and much more in a web portal that is secure, customizable, and scalable.

Special Servicing

Midas manages and reports on the special servicing of non-performing and sub-performing assets. The system is used for both CMBS and whole loan asset management. With a web-based graphic user interface and featuring workflow processing, Midas is flexible and scalable. The system leverages technology as well as risk management support capabilities to present a seamless asset management and reporting environment.

Most user-friendly systems in the space

Supports 9 of the 10 top banks

Ease of deployment across any enterprise

Customizable, scalable, web enabled

More than $100 billion of assets valued quarterly


Origination, Due Diligence and Risk Management

Origination, Due Diligence and Risk Management

CLOSER™ is a third party solution that provides a comprehensive management system for loan origination

Real Time Data and Analytics

Real Time Data and Analytics

Insight provides real time market information through centralized access of key internal reports and information including appraisals, cash flow models, asset status reports, and tenant research via web-based portal

Valuation Management

Valuation Management

The Situs RERC VMS is the first and most widely used independent, customized platform for monitoring and managing real estate asset valuation

Risk Management and Special Servicing Platform

Risk Management and Special Servicing Platform

Midas features risk management and workflow processing

James Watson,

Situs CIO

“Technology is rapidly disrupting all sectors of the real estate industry. Companies that fail to embrace technology will quickly find themselves at a competitive disadvantage. At Situs, technology is part of our DNA. We are committed to delivering a comprehensive, end to end solution to our clients."

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Caveat Emptor

Post Great Recession, there is a continued global economic slowdown, new cultural shifts and the Federal Reserve is raising the federal funds rate just as other central banks increase their quantitative easing, but there are a number of opportunities as well.


Situs and Hatfield Philips International Announce Strategic Transaction

Acquisition Makes Situs the Leading Multinational, Independent Servicer in Europe.

Thought Leadership

Brexit – A Revolution in the Making

The Brexit was a seismic event politically, culturally and financially. As soon as the markets opened, the impact was felt immediately. Situs RERC's Ken Riggs looks at the Brexit and what it could portend for the global investment landscape.


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