Data Quality

As a company with a strong background in due diligence dating back to the mid-eighties, Situs prides itself on its capacity to maintain data quality at all levels, sustaining 99.998% accuracy in data aggregation and related projects.


Three Step Quality Control

Whether approaching asset thresholds for DFAST or CCAR stress testing, or other data intensive projects, our seasoned professionals efficiently identify and extract key data elements from agreed-upon sources of truth to deliver superior results through a three-step Quality Control (“QC”) process.

Flexibility and Scale-Seasoned Professionals

Situs draws from the largest pool of senior underwriters in the market, providing the ability to rapidly deploy a large number of experienced professionals on site to multiple locations while leveraging internal resources.

Multiple Geographies

The Situs team has experience with all major property and lease types and has worked with leases in 10 currencies and financial statements in 5 languages.

Validated and populated 10 million data points in CCAR and DFAST projects

Accounted for $80 billion in outstanding principal

Reviewed 450,000 loan files

Maintained an accuracy of over 99.998% on CCAR projects

Maintained 100% accuracy on data certification for HMDA reporting in 2014


Data tapes stratification and analysis

Data tapes stratification and analysis

- Review and stratify loan portfolios
- Run analytics to determine weaknesses in lending by geographic areas
- Create a closer look by specific property types

Data Integrity Testing, Aggregation and Mining

Data Integrity Testing, Aggregation and Mining

- Accuracy test of data fields related to loan portfolios
- Data is verified, analyzed and stratified, including multi-risk layering

Data Remediation

Data Remediation

- Compliance Audits: Bank regulatory data verification and population in support of stress testing
- Loan File and Risk Rating Reviews: 99.998% accuracy on loan files

Aggregation & Validation

Aggregation & Validation

- Data Tape & Asset Summary Creation
- Portfolio Reporting & Quarterly Surveillance

Cash Flow Modeling

Cash Flow Modeling

- Highly experienced professionals take care in parsing through your financial statements
- Loan & Bank Valuation/Diligence: Independent and objective valuation and diligence
- Structured Finance Reviews

asset classes

Commercial Real Estate- All Property Types

Residential Real Estate

Automobile Loans

Credit Cards and Consumer Lending

Commercial and Industrial

Chip Good,

Executive Managing Director, Situs

“Situs has a team of Non CRE / multiple assets specialists with managers and project leaders with experience of between 15 and 35 years. The independence and quality that Situs is known for is fundamental to the service provided to clients.”

News & Insights

Case study

Loan Sale Case Study

European bank was able to exit challenging loan by leveraging Situs' underwriting as well as capital markets group to source buyers.

Press Release

Nick Rudenstine Joins Situs as President and COO

Situs, the premier global provider of strategic Real Estate business solutions for the Financial Services industry, today announced that Nick Rudenstine joins Situs as President and Chief Operating Officer (COO). In this role, Mr. Rudenstine will have direct oversight of Situs’ business lines globally and will manage key functions throughout the firm.

Thought Leadership


CCAR Stress Testing has hidden issues that Managing Director Ed Robertson has resolved for banks.


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