Valuation and Portfolio Benchmark

Why Situs RERC®?
Situs RERC® has a long history in commercial real estate valuation with expertise in investment finance. Our firm proudly serves as the valuation management consultant and/or independent fiduciary for some of the largest portfolios or investors in the United States.


History of Valuation Experience

Founded in Chicago in 1931, RERC was one of the first valuation and research firms in the United States. Acquired by Situs in 2014, Situs RERC® has put its practical experience to work for both debt and equity investors. Situs RERC® has been through many real estate cycles in its 85-year history, and is here to help clients navigate this one as well.

Experience, Expertise, and Execution

Situs RERC’s® leadership has earned some of the highest-regarded credentials in the commercial real estate valuation industry, including the CFA, MAI, CRE, FRICS, and CCIM designations. They seamlessly integrate our capabilities with those of our clients for any property type, any capital investment, and any level of complexity.

SEC Registered Investment Advisor

Not all valuation management and fiduciary services firms are registered with the SEC, but Situs RERC® is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Compliance with SEC regulations provides additional transparency, and clients enjoy this additional layer of confidence in protecting their interests.

Manages, conducts, and/or reviews more than a thousand real estate appraisals each quarter

Quarterly valuation advisory services encompassing over $200 billion in assets

Clients include several of the largest life insurers and retirement funds (by total assets) in the United States


Independent fiduciary services

Independent fiduciary services

Ensures that the best interests of clients and their plan participants are being served



Service all property types and all regions, specializing in portfolio and complex assignments

Fairness opinions

Fairness opinions

Sound judgement and opinions between buyers and sellers

Appraisal reviews

Appraisal reviews

Ensuring independence in appraisal process, and cost-effective execution by industry experts

Loan/debt and daily valuation

Loan/debt and daily valuation

Independent valuation throughout the capital stack for both payable (borrower) and receivable (lender) positions
Daily valuation services to support defined contribution investment

Portfolio analysis and valuation

Portfolio analysis and valuation

Value real estate in several of the largest portfolios in the nation

ARGUS-integrated, Web-based Valuation Management System

ARGUS-integrated, Web-based Valuation Management System

Leading technological solution with customizable reporting options to help manage appraisal process and portfolio analytics

Appraisal management

Appraisal management

Licensed AMC to provide full-service solution (ordering, reviewing, reporting, analytics) to both debt and equity clients to support underwriting or financial reporting process

One of the World’s Leading Insurance Companies,

“We were interested in Situs RERC’s valuation management system. Based on what had been promised to us, we were expecting the VMS to work like a race car. What we got instead was a real powerhouse—more like the Space Shuttle!”

News & Insights

Thought Leadership

Caveat Emptor

Post Great Recession, there is a continued global economic slowdown, new cultural shifts and the Federal Reserve is raising the federal funds rate just as other central banks increase their quantitative easing, but there are a number of opportunities as well.


Situs Hires Taco Brink to Lead Expansion of RERC’s Valuation Management & Advisory Offering in Europe

Case study

Re-Appraisal Management Case Study

Bank appraisal management staff resigned just prior to the real estate market rebound. Situs provided a comprehensive solution that leveraged outsourcing, staffing, and technology to rebuild the appraisal management team without business interruption.


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Managing Director
Global Head of Business Development

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Managing Director

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Valuation and Portfolio Benchmark are  provided by RERC (Situs RERC) an SEC-registered investment advisor.  The firm handles no investment money, and thus acts only as an independent consultant or independent fiduciary.