Primary Servicing and Surveillance- US

As a rated primary Servicer, Situs delivers all basic primary servicing functions, including all payment processing, real estate tax, insurance, UCC, loan, lockbox, cash management, escrow, and reserve administration. Additionally, Situs offers investor reporting and collection and customer service activities.



An interdisciplinary team with direct experience in all loan and property types, including ground-up construction, stabilizing performing core assets, and transitional, distressed assets.


With strict controls and stringent audits, Situs is prepared to handle the most complicated structures and sensitive situations for clients. We provide primary servicing and surveillance for institutional clients in the United States on over 1,000 loans in both CMBS and CLO securitizations as well as portfolio loans, ranging in size from $2,000 to $900,000,000. Internationally, Situs has experience with individual loans as well as a massive portfolio for a European Government.


Situs portfolio loans tend to be highly structured and require a level of sophistication and client care in their administration. They range in scope and asset classes from senior and subordinate loan structures (including mezzanine and CMBS).

Ranked 1 in Total Primary & Master Servicing, C/MF Loans Secured by Collateral Outside the US

Ranked 2 in Credit Company, Pension Funds, REITs, Investment Funds Loans

Rated Number One servicer in Europe by Mortgage Banker’s Association

Standard and Poors rates Situs ABOVE AVERAGE, Fitch rates Situs CPS2- Commercial Primary Servicer, Morningstar rates Situs MOR CS1 Primary Servicer

Nearly $40 billion in primary servicing portfolio, with 5602 loans and 17491 properties under servicing


Cash Management

Cash Management

• Billing and collections
• Payment processing
• Lockbox management
• Waterfall processing
• Warehouse/Repo line processing

Loan Administration

Loan Administration

• Taxes
• Insurance
• Escrow and reserve administration
• Investor reporting
• Payoff management/collateral release



• Monitor borrower business plan
• Borrower consents and requests
• Watchlist monitoring
• Financial statement analysis
• Covenant tracking
• Market research
• Lease monitoring
• ASR preparation
• Property inspections
• Warehouse line/repo surveillance

Construction Loan Administration

Construction Loan Administration

• Draw review compilation, review and recommendation
• Loan re-balancing
• Monitor Borrower business plan execution, costs and equity position
• Coordinate and review construction inspections

Primary Decision Maker at major international bank,

Quote: “The Situs team has always displayed a high level of professionalism, providing a high quality output in a timely manner. The team can service a diverse set of requirements, seamlessly adding additional or specialist resources as required to meet mandates. Being able to integrate both real estate and loan underwriting skills offers considerable synergy and invaluable in competitive and fast paced transactions.”

News & Insights

Case study

Loan Sale Case Study

European bank was able to exit challenging loan by leveraging Situs' underwriting as well as capital markets group to source buyers.

Case study

Hedge Loan Advisory Case Study

A global investment bank looking at hedge position on a European corporate loan leveraged Situs’ financial insight and local market expertise to fully grasp all aspects of the deal.

Press Release

Colony selects Situs as Loan Servicer on Loan Portfolio

Situs to provide Loan Servicing for Project Tolka, a portfolio of €1.3 billion of CRE Loans, secured by Irish real estate, including several Trophy Assets in the center of Dublin.


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