Similar assets can have divergent valuations. Seemingly identical investments frequently have different metrics and markets shift constantly, which challenges lenders and investors to make the right decision on the right investment at the right time. These factors lead financial institutions of all sizes to partner with Situs to gain accurate data and market insights across most asset classes.

Asset and Loan Underwriting

Debt and Equity Due Diligence

Valuation and Portfolio Benchmark

Technology Solutions

Why situs?

Appraised and reviewed the appraisals for more than 2,500 properties in the last year

In 2016 evaluated more than $800 billion of real estate assets

Engages in more than 25,000 loan sizings representing 50,000 properties, annually

Conducts fair value assessments on more than $15 billion quarterly

Analyzed more than 1,500 GSE and Multifamily properties globally with a UPB of more than $10 Billion

Situs has validated and populated more than 10 million data point accounting for more than $75.3 billion in outstanding principal across more than 450,000 loans.

Senior Executive,
Global Investment Bank

The Situs team has always displayed a high level of professionalism, providing a high quality output in a timely manner. The team can service a diverse set of requirements, seamlessly adding additional or specialist resources as required to meet mandates. Being able to integrate both real estate and loan underwriting skills offers considerable synergy which is invaluable for competitive and fast paced transactions.


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Managing Director
Global Head of Business Development

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Managing Director
Business Development

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