Capital Markets


SitusAMC works with investors around the world to achieve their real estate finance goals. Through a global network, proprietary data, market analysis and deal expertise, SitusAMC solutions help clients realize opportunities and manage risks. SitusAMC responsiveness and reliability ensure good deals get done, on time.


SitusAMC leadership averages more than 20 years of experience with expertise across every type of real estate deal, every property type and every market. That knowledge base has been institutionalized in proprietary processes that ensure accuracy as well as unique insight. SitusAMC experts question assumptions, re-check data, confirm valuations and much more to ensure clients can make decisions, quickly with the best information available. With more than 750 staff in the US, Europe and Asia, SitusAMC covers the global market with local expertise that can scale quickly as deal flow moves.

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Why SitusAMC?

Leadership for more than 30 years in capital markets

Extensive insight on deal flow and current metrics

More than 850 experts offering tailored, scalable solutions for any contingency

Global market coverage with local expertise

Proprietary training and procedures to ensure unmatched accuracy, speed and reliability

Used by major banks, funds, insurers, REITs and other market participants

Services for Capital Markets


Capital Markets rely on understanding the true value, risk, potential and compliance of a real estate asset.

Asset and Loan Underwriting

Debt and Equity Due Diligence

Valuation Advisory


Capital Market assets need to be managed effectively and efficiently with quick to respond industry experts.

Primary Servicing and Surveillance- US

Non – Performing Loan Workouts, CMBS Special Servicing, and Distressed Asset Management

Portfolio Monitoring – US

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Thought Leadership

Caveat Emptor

Post Great Recession, there is a continued global economic slowdown, new cultural shifts and the Federal Reserve is raising the federal funds rate just as other central banks increase their quantitative easing, but there are a number of opportunities as well.

Case study

Re-Appraisal Management Case Study

Bank appraisal management staff resigned just prior to the real estate market rebound. Situs provided a comprehensive solution that leveraged outsourcing, staffing, and technology to rebuild the appraisal management team without business interruption.

Press Release

Nick Rudenstine Joins Situs as President and COO

Situs, the premier global provider of strategic Real Estate business solutions for the Financial Services industry, today announced that Nick Rudenstine joins Situs as President and Chief Operating Officer (COO). In this role, Mr. Rudenstine will have direct oversight of Situs’ business lines globally and will manage key functions throughout the firm.


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