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Re-Appraisal Management Case Study

Appraisal Management Team Reconstituted

Bank appraisal management staff resigned just prior to the real estate market rebound. Situs provided a comprehensive solution that leveraged outsourcing, staffing, and technology to rebuild the appraisal management team without business interruption.


Major global bank experienced significant sudden turnover in their appraisal management staff, which left the firm scrambling to explore and evaluate a solution to address their immediate needs. At the time of the turnover, the market was experiencing a rebound creating additional, “positive,” pressure related to increasing loan production volumes. Bank risked losing loan volume for lack of appraisal management capacity.

Situs solution

Situs designated a five member team to address the immediate appraisal management and review the needs of the bank. The Situs team allowed the bank to efficiently and effectively capitalize on increases in loan production, simultaneously reducing overhead and creating efficiencies via passed-through loan production costs that improved their operating model for the long-term. At the same time, Situs helped the bank rebuild their internal appraisal team to full staffing, and is working towards creating additional transparency to the entire platform through implementation of its proprietary Valuation Management System.


The bank is fully re-engaged in the real estate market and leveraging Situs scalability on demand. New processes put in place by Situs have created a level of transparency in the appraisal process that the bank did not previously have, while at the same time have reduced overhead costs, reduced the turnaround time of the appraisal reviews, and ultimately lead to a better quality product. With greater efficiency, transparency, and scalability, the bank has increased deal volume and improved margins.