Situs RERC Flash Report: 1Q 2017

In order to shed some light on the CRE market, we have produced the first quarter 2017 Situs RERC Flash Report. This report provides a preliminary look at Situs RERC’s institutional investment survey data.

Our complete first quarter 2017 analysis, the Situs RERC Real Estate Report, is one of the longest-running and most thorough real estate investment reports in the US. It gives investors deeper insights and valuation metrics for the CRE market. Each quarter, Situs RERC surveys hundreds of CRE experts and analyzes hundreds of thousands of data points that are crucial to investment performance. The report includes analysis of institutional, regional and metro-level investment criteria for 11 major property types in the U.S.

Click here to download the Situs RERC 1Q 2017 Flash Report.

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