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Situs RERC European Real Estate Report

Situs Europe has secured €24.8 billion AUM, been assigned €12 billion of performing and non-performing loans, and is the designated workout manager on more than 20 portfolios.

In 2014, Situs Europe secured more than half of all CMBS issuances. Situs has become the second largest independent CRE loan servicer in Europe and considered the most forward thinking.

Situs Europe has recorded a number of firsts putting the firm at the forefront of the European real estate market recovery. Situs Europe was appointed Primary and Special Servicer on the first post crisis multi loan Italian CMBS, Master Servicer on the first Greek CMBS and Primary and Special Servicer on the first post crisis Dutch CMBS.

Specific Topics Included:

- Survey-based investor sentiments and trends analysis.
- Economic Summaries.
- Regional reports provided by our leadership in offices in Germany, the United Kingdom (UK), Ireland, the Nordics, and Spain.
- "Central Tendencies" of the aggregate averages and ranges for our valuation and survey-based discount rates, capitalization rates, and other yield rates gathered from the opinion surveys and many third-party valuations that Situs has reviewed for underwriting purposes during the past year.