Situs INSIGHT is an internally developed, fully customizable commercial real estate market information portal, powered by a unique search engine and dedicated 24/7 real estate sourcing and cataloging team capable of delivering maximum knowledge management, for all of your company’s commercial real estate information, including documents, proprietary research and analysis.

Customizable Solutions

Situs INSIGHT is a tailored solution for managing your company’s information. We will work with you to determine how to maximize your access to, and presentation of, all available commercial real estate information. We provide cataloging of, and extraction from, all documents including internal reports, third party research, and portfolio level and asset level information such as:

  • Subscription research and data including sale transaction data sourced daily from news research
  • Portfolio reports, asset reports, property financial reports
  • Appraisals, site inspections, third party reports
  • Lease abstracts, rent rolls, tenant research
  • Cash flow models, underwriting data, operating expense data
  • Mapping files, CMBS reports, economic data
  • Investor reporting