Data Analytics & Research

When it comes to identifying commercial real estate investment trends and return expectations, investors turn to Situs RERC® and its research-based analytics. Each quarter, Situs RERC® surveys hundreds of commercial real estate experts and analyzes hundreds of thousands of data points that are key to investment performance. With this kind of information as the basis of our knowledge, it is not surprising that Situs RERC®’s predictive analytics are held in high regard because of their reliability, credibility, and successful outcomes.


Broad Market Knowledge

Situs RERC® collects institutional investment information, regional market criteria, and top 48 metro-level data for 11 major property types in the U.S. each quarter. Situs RERC® also surveys specially designated national valuation experts, and recently began surveying key investors throughout Europe to help identify investment trends in the major European markets.

Predictive Modeling

Situs RERC®’s predictive analytics utilize proprietary and third-party data to optimize investment portfolio performance and critically analyze clients’ risk. Specific efforts include market modeling and stress testing (CCAR analysis), the recently-developed Situs RERC® Value vs. Price Index, forecasts, valuation metrics, and other indices.

Industry-Leading Publications

Situs RERC® publishes several key reports that provide the valuation metrics that commercial real estate investors need to benchmark their expected return performance.
– Quarterly Situs RERC® Real Estate Report for the U.S. market
– Annual forecast report, Expectations & Market Realities in Real Estate
– Semi-annual Situs RERC® Real Estate Report-Europe for the European market

Quarterly Situs RERC® Real Estate Report in publication since 1973

Accounted for $80 billion in outstanding principal

Cap and yield rates back to 1989 for most major property types

Investment data for 11 different property types

Maintained an accuracy of over 99.998% on CCAR projects

Situs RERC® research is used by thousands of investors each quarter


Risk and Trend Analysis

Risk and Trend Analysis

Extensive history, insight, and analytic capabilities ensure that Situs RERC®’s trend and risk analyses accurately assess expected risks that may jeopardize real estate investor success

Data Center

Data Center

Situs RERC® collects and scrutinizes all data related to an asset, including qualitative and quantitative survey data, when conducting statistical analysis

Real Estate Reports

Real Estate Reports

Situs RERC® is widely known for its research-based outlooks and forecasts

Custom Research

Custom Research

One of Situs RERC®’s strengths is to measure and compare individual and unique investment criteria using standard values

Long-time Situs RERC Real Estate Report Subscriber,

“I have always considered Situs RERC® a very valuable resource for the assessment of trends and target return data, and quote the source frequently in my consultation and appraisal practice.”

News & Insights

Case study

Convertible Bond Case Study

Convertible bond offering to finance a large real estate portfolio of commercial and residential units was thoroughly reviewed by Situs and processed successfully for 150% return.

Case study

Loan Sale Case Study

European bank was able to exit challenging loan by leveraging Situs' underwriting as well as capital markets group to source buyers.

Press Release

Nick Rudenstine Joins Situs as President and COO

Situs, the premier global provider of strategic Real Estate business solutions for the Financial Services industry, today announced that Nick Rudenstine joins Situs as President and Chief Operating Officer (COO). In this role, Mr. Rudenstine will have direct oversight of Situs’ business lines globally and will manage key functions throughout the firm.


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