Primary Servicing – Europe

Situs has grown to be one of the largest independent European Servicers through its unparalleled market knowledge, flexible solutions, and the highest levels of client service. Situs Europe currently manages a loan book of approximately €32 billion comprising a mixture of CMBS and Bi-Lateral debt across more than 13 European jurisdictions on which it acts in a number of different roles including CMBS Primary Servicer, Facility Agent, and Security Agent.



As an accomplished and stable servicing team comprised of highly experienced professionals from both finance and property backgrounds, we pride ourselves on being able to manage complex loan portfolios covering multiple jurisdictions and property types while offering a clear and consistent approach for our clients.


From the outset, Situs looks to gain a full understanding of our client’s needs, and through our comprehensive internal processes and controls, we ensure that Situs effectively manages the risks on behalf of our clients. Situs Europe has strong relationships with a significant number of both Lenders and Borrowers in the European market, enabling us to handle a wide variety of loans, including CMBS, Loan on Loans, Construction, and bi-lateral loans, with an average loan size of EUR 150 million.


Situs Europe acts on many complex structured loans in multiple jurisdictions with multiple currencies, all of which require a high level of sophistication and client care. Situs is the only rated primary and special servicer to deploy Enterprise as its servicing system in both Europe and the US, creating a unique reporting capability for its clients who demand consistency and flexibility.

European Offices in London, Dublin, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, and Madrid

Rated by Fitch as a Commercial Primary Servicer

Over 7,400 loans managed by our European servicing team

Over 16,000 properties managed by our European servicing team

Ranked 1 out of 11 in Total Primary & Master Servicing, C/MF Loans Secured by Collateral Outside the US


Facility and Security Agent Roles

Facility and Security Agent Roles

Hands on, active management professionals in constant communication with all the Transaction Parties

Cash management and disbursement

Cash management and disbursement

Precise allocation of money to all parties through our management and administration of all Borrower held bank accounts

Rate notices and billing advice

Rate notices and billing advice

Provide updates and guidance as soon as rates change to both Borrowers and Lenders

Borrower consents, modifications and waiver requests

Borrower consents, modifications and waiver requests

Our seasoned servicing team works closely with our external legal counsel to review all requests and action responses in a timely manner

Enforce rights and remedies under loan documents

Enforce rights and remedies under loan documents

As a Finance Party under the Facility Agreements, we constantly ensure proper adherence to all Transaction Documents

Undertake thorough review of all documentation at outset

Undertake thorough review of all documentation at outset

Our expert team is engaged in Transaction document reviews with the Lenders and their legal counsel from the outset to ensure we have the most thorough understanding of the loan and all its nuances prior to utilization

Primary Decision Maker at major international bank,

Quote: “The Situs team has always displayed a high level of professionalism, providing a high quality output in a timely manner. The team can service a diverse set of requirements, seamlessly adding additional or specialist resources as required to meet mandates. Being able to integrate both real estate and loan underwriting skills offers considerable synergy and invaluable in competitive and fast paced transactions.”


Lisa Williams

Managing Director
Loan Servicing

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