Situs' Bank & Loan Advisory Group serves as a trusted advisor and partner to global investment banks, financial advisors, and government regulators. In addition, we partner with regional and community banks, loan intermediaries and servicers, as well as with investors active in bank recapitalization, M&A, and loan portfolio acquisitions and sales.

From 2008 through 2011, Situs served as the primary CRE Special Servicer for the FDIC, managing over 4,000 assets associated with over 50 receiverships.

Bank Recapitalization and M&A

Situs has developed an industry-leading perspective for providing balanced and thoughtful third party loan reviews, valuations and probable loss analyses. Our team of experienced professionals has supported hundreds of investment banking transactions, in excess of $100 billion.  We have direct experience in most aspects of credit, lending, capital markets, asset management, disposition and the resolution of bank assets.

The “Situs-Report” has become an industry-recognized analyses for banks considering recapitalization as well as M&A, and a necessary objective document as well for the investment community. Additionally, our actual experience and insight managing and liquidating bank assets go well beyond the standard text book methodology when it comes to truly understanding a bank's portfolio. 

Loan Advisory

Situs delivers a unique perspective on loan portfolios, serving both buyers and sellers in the US and Europe.  We draw from deep experience in property valuation, loan servicing, asset management/workouts and dispositions, which is supported by a keen awareness of the dynamics at play in the capital markets.

Our valuation approach starts with establishing the true value of the underlying collateral. From there, we leverage our experience with real world borrower behavior, jurisdictional nuances, as well as our active role in both the US and European loan sale markets to provide a local perspective on value trends.  We then employ our expertise of the capital markets to gain perspective on loan structures, underwriting trends, geographic areas, and institutional behavior to provide a comprehensive view of collateral value. 

In Europe, Situs was one of the five loan valuation firm’s to assist NAMA, the National Asset Management Agency, established by the Irish government to house loans from the six banks covered by governmental guarantees. 

Situs has been involved as an advisor to banks, private equity firms and REITs in the vast majority of prominent portfolio loan sales that have come to market in recent years, in both the US & Europe.

Advisory Services Include

  • Third Party Loan Portfolio Review (CRE, C&I Residential and Consumer assets)
  • Various services in advance of Capital Raises, External Reviews & Audits
  • Structured Finance Review (ABS, MBS, CMBS, CMOs)
  • Ongoing Portfolio Services (Loan Reviews, Credit Migration)
  • Loan Disposition Strategies (Performing and Non-Performing)
  • JV and Limited Partnership Valuations
  • Portfolio Stress Testing & ALLL Adequacy Reviews
  • Compliance Review
  • Loan and Property Cash Flow Modeling
  • Document & File Management
  • Data Tape Creation
  • Asset Summary Presentations
  • Technical Services Administration (Environmental, Property Condition and Appraisal)

Related Commercial Real Estate Professional Services

Situs provides a unique end-to-end business services platform. Please refer to our Primary Servicing, Asset Management and Back Office Fulfillment groups for other related CRE portfolio services.

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