Situs RERC® was one of the first and continues to be one of the most recognized firms dedicated to providing real estate valuation advisory services in the US and Europe. With more than 80 years of experience, Situs RERC® is a well-established thought leader concerning commercial real estate investment performance and valuation.

From conducting appraisals on individual properties, to delivering valuation consulting services on portfolios with investments across capital stack, to providing expert witness testimony for complex litigation cases, to developing stress test models for banks—investors increasingly use Situs RERC® as their valuation advisory service provider.

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Valuation Advisory

Valuation and Portfolio Benchmark

Data Analytics & Research


To ensure its independence, Situs RERC does not engage in any activity that may conflict with the best interests of its clients. As an impartial observer of the markets, Situs RERC is able to collect and analyze information that companies with an interest in the results of the information often cannot do.


Situs RERC’s expertise originates practical market knowledge gained through the completion of hundreds of engagements and commercial real estate consulting experience across every major U.S. market.


Clients have found that Situs RERC is relationship-oriented, focusing first and foremost on clients' needs and committed to delivering the highest quality services. Situs RERC’s clients include lending institutions, investors, owners, developers, and government agencies. Corporations, pension funds and institutions seeking to comprehend the intricacies of real property investment frequently call upon Situs RERC.

Client portfolios in aggregate exceed $100 billion

Senior leadership has CFA, MAI, CRE, FRICS, CCIM designations

AMC-licensed in the majority of states

An SEC-registered investment advisor

News & Insights


Press Release

Situs Capital Management and The Burke Group Announce Affiliations

Situs and The Burke Group announce affiliation where The Burke Group has become the registered representatives of Situs Capital Management, the broker dealer subsidiary of Situs.

Case study

Convertible Bond Case Study

Convertible bond offering to finance a large real estate portfolio of commercial and residential units was thoroughly reviewed by Situs and processed successfully for 150% return.

Thought Leadership

Brexit – A Revolution in the Making

The Brexit was a seismic event politically, culturally and financially. As soon as the markets opened, the impact was felt immediately. Situs RERC's Ken Riggs looks at the Brexit and what it could portend for the global investment landscape.

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President Situs RERC

(312) 587-1900

Taco Brink

Managing Director

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RERC (Situs RERC) is an SEC-registered investment advisor.  The firm handles no investment money, and thus acts only as an independent consultant or independent fiduciary.