Metro Investment Rankings 1Q 2017

Situs RERC ranks 48 metros from a relative value vs. price perspective to determine the top investment opportunities in the primary, secondary and tertiary markets. The Situs RERC Metro Value vs. Price Index combines investor survey data and CRE fundamentals data.

This index is forward-looking and helps to determine where investors are expected to receive the best relative value based on current pricing in the primary, secondary and tertiary markets. It presents only the relative ranking of metros and does not necessarily imply that these metros offer great investment opportunities in and of themselves.

The overall rankings presented reflect the aggregation of the metro’s rankings across the four property types. A weighted average reflecting each property type’s portion of market value across industrial, apartment, retail and office is used in the calculation of rank.

To see the complete list of metro rankings in the primary, secondary and tertiary markets, click here.

For more information, please contact Brian Velky or Ken Riggs.