Improve KPIs – Support Operational Efficiencies

Working in the financial world means having to complete a number of precise tasks while navigating complex governmental regulations.

Choosing the right external partner allows a company to free up additional resources to keep clients front and center. A strong financial services partner requires regulatory compliance, careful attention to detail and industry expertise.

Clients choose Situs to ensure that services are performed at a high level, while the client can focus on profit generation. Situs is the partner of choice to the financial industry for our deep experience and broad expertise.

Financial institutions of all sizes can draw upon the full suite of solutions and infrastructure of Situs for high-end advisory professional services capabilities on scale.

An ideal outsourcing solution frees companies’ resources by allocating work to dedicated experts in every financial services field. Situs employs a number of solutions depending on the client and the situation. The solution can range from an offsite overflow to a hybrid solution that places Situs employees in a client’s office.

A top ten global bank approached Situs for scalability and improved efficiency for CRE capital markets operations. Situs deployed a dedicated team of underwriters and valuations for opportunistic acquisitions and supported bank accounting treatment for investments. This dedicated financial services platform enabled the execution of the client’s business plan to become the market segment leader for the last four years.

All twenty of the largest CMBS issuers, Eight of the top ten largest banks and nine out of the top fifteen largest real estate private equity firms optimize their efficiency by working with Situs to outsource specialized tasks or direct overflow assignments.

In 2016, clients engaged Situs to:

  • Complete over 1,400 underwriting jobs representing over $50 billion in loans
  • Underwrite over 1,100 loans representing over $27 billion
  • Complete over 12,000 loan sizings
  • Perform AUP on over 170 deals, including over 400 properties,
  • Abstract 5,000 leases
  • Complete Assumptions/Borrower Requests on over 190 deals, including over 540 properties.

For information, please contact Dan Meyer. To learn more about Situs outsourcing solutions, click here.