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July 26, 2017 | Newswatch
Situs Newswatch 7/26/2017

Tech Targets Self-Storage Sector The tech sector is turning its sights on the self-storage sector and its estimated $30 billion in...
July 24, 2017 | Newswatch
Situs Newswatch 7/24/2017

Hey, Alexa: "Please Save Sears" If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em A funny thing happened on the way to potential bankruptcy  Sears shares...
July 21, 2017 | Newswatch
Situs Newswatch 7/21/2017

Location, Location, Location Maybe Not "Location, location, location" no one can deny the real estate cliche is at least partly true...
July 19, 2017 | Newswatch
Situs Newswatch 7/19/2017

Multifamily Market Strong Despite Headwinds The U.S. commercial real estate market is now eight years into expansion mode, which is lengthy by his...
July 17, 2017 | Newswatch
Situs Newswatch 7/17/2017

How CRE & Retail Can Learn A Great Deal from Barber Shops ... While many in the retail industry are taking a "haircut," barber shops are not...
July 14, 2017 | Newswatch
Situs Newswatch 7/14/2017

The Next Jobs Humans Lose to Robots: Real Estate Appraiser  Twenty-five years ago, Brian Weaver was told at a seminar that the real estat...
July 12, 2017 | Newswatch
Situs Newswatch 7/12/2017

What the Commercial Real Estate Industry Must Learn from Sears and Amazon Rest on your laurels and become a dinosaur, but continue to innovate a...
July 10, 2017 | Newswatch
Situs Newswatch 7/10/2017

What's next for CRE?  Commercial Real Estate investors believe the market is facing a downturn but they’re not sure how soon it will happen...
July 7, 2017 | Newswatch
Situs Newswatch 7/7/2017

Driverless Cars Boon to Garage, Parking Lot, CRE Businesses Talk about unintended consequences: Believe it or not, the fast-approaching self-dri...
July 5, 2017 | Newswatch
Situs Newswatch 7/5/2017

Mega-Mall Madness Chances are very few "mega-malls" will be built in the U.S. for at least the foreseeable future, thanks to Amazon and other o...

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