Situs is the industry-leading financial services firm with 19 offices spanning the globe. Our mission is to provide the highest quality services, most insightful analytics, and best execution for every client on every engagement. That mission is successful when our vision of Situs as the employer of choice in financial service is realized through highly-skilled and motivated professionals.

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Why situs?

Career Path

Our people can develop their careers by working on multiple client projects or being seconded to work as part of a client’s team

We reward innovation, entrepenueral spirit and passion, and offer ample opportunity for career advancement

We can offer flexible employment terms that suit people at different stages of their career


Our focus on our clients has fostered a 30 year record of being a trusted advisor in the financial services industry

We work with the flagship names in our industry, as well as smaller, boutique financial services and CRE companies

Clients are our partners and the loyalty we show them goes both ways. Situs has one of the highest client retention rates in the industry


Situs offers premiere training through the Situs University repository of courses. Employees can learn a great deal about aspects of the real estate and financial services industries

Training and mentoring are high priorities and we have institutionalized our training in Situs University, with constant mentoring

We aim to see each and every employee achieve his or her highest potential and we will do our best to provide the opportunity and offer training, education, and guidance

Why Situs

  • Why Situs
    Why Situs
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    Mission and Values
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    Evaluate Optimize Manage

roles & careers


Our advisory business has been an innovator in the financial real estate market for more than 30 years. Through a variety of solutions, including in-house platforms, outsourced staff, and more than 850 colleagues around the globe, Situs offers our people a broad array of opportunities in multiple locations for multiple clients.

Situs Consulting Solutions

Situs leverages experienced consultants in the Commercial Real Estate sector to provide resource based at our clients offices for short or long term consulting arrangements when our clients need flexible support to their in-house teams.

Financial Institutions Group

Situs is a trusted advisor to global investment, regional and community banks, government regulators, loan intermediaries and servicers, as well as investors active in bank recapitalization, M&A, and loan portfolio acquisitions and sales. As regulatory changes pressured the banking industry, Situs developed a regulatory advisory practice providing consulting in areas such as CCAR/DFAST stress testing. Financial services is an ever-evolving marketplace; Situs helps clients stay ahead of changes and capitalize on opportunities. Our Capital Solutions team in Europe provides debt and equity origination in addition to advisory and structuring services to borrowers and lenders in the complex and rapidly evolving Lending Markets.


Valuation Services

For more than 70 years, Situs’ Valuation Management Services Group has partnered with debt and equity firms of every size and service—community, regional and national banks, financial advisors, pension funds, private equity, REITs, and more. Our team of experienced professionals includes chief appraisers from global institutions leveraging state-of-the-art technology and delivering unparalleled quality.


Quality is the key to success and Situs’ outsourcing solution is committed to the highest quality in the BPO market. Based in Robbins, North Carolina, Situs Outsourcing Solutions has some of the highest employee retention rates in the industry, with extensive domain expertise, disciplined processes, flexible staffing, and technology-based solutions. Robbins is uniquely positioned in the outsourcing market, developing US talent sourced from local colleges with training from Situs University and ongoing career development.

Financial Accounting/Due Diligence

Situs’ Financial Due Diligence Group consists of experts in accounting, real estate valuation, and finance. Clients rely on Situs for due diligence, acquisition risk mitigation, lending, and litigation support. Experienced auditors looking to broaden their knowledge base will find ample opportunity in Situs’ Due Diligence Group.

Servicing and Asset Management

Situs is a leading provider of primary servicing, special servicing, and asset management across all property types in the US and Europe. Our professionals manage more than $16 billion in US CRE assets, more than €8 billion of Pan European CMBS debt, €17.5 billion of pan European bilateral debt located in more than 13 countries, and are named special servicers on more than $100 billion in securitized loans. Situs offers tremendous opportunity to work with global clients, across asset classes, and through a variety of market cycles.

Platform Solutions

Situs provides a unique end-to-end commercial real estate financial services platform providing a comprehensive suite of world class advisory, asset management, and servicing solutions across debt and equity real estate transactions in seamless integration with our client.


Situs is committed to the identification, development, and deployment of industry leading technologies that enhance industry standardization, data transparency, and business process efficiencies. At Situs, technologists partner with finance and real estate executives to create unique solutions.

Corporate Functions

Our corporate support functions play a key role in supporting the services we deliver to clients. Accounting, legal, compliance, risk management, and human resources are integral to supporting clients, often interacting directly to ensure the successful delivery of the engagement. Business Development and Marketing teams are distributed across our offices and position Situs for success.

Application Process

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